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The Island Drive-In Festival

Love local this summer at the Island Drive-In Festival! Created by Islanders for Islanders, it’s a new twist on the classic drive-in experience featuring over 30 exceptional Island artists.

From the comfort and safety of your car, you’ll be treated to a spectacular film showcasing the Island’s immensely talented musicians, hilarious comedians, and captivating storytellers. Sing along, dance with your arms out the window, and laugh until your belly hurts...then a little bit more!

Better than a Hollywood blockbuster, the Island Drive-In Festival is guaranteed to be a great night out with family or friends! And best of all, it’s FREE!

The Island Drive-in Festival will be popping up at locations from tip to tip throughout the summer. With multiple screening dates and three different shows on the roster, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to love local and experience PEI’s talents in a unique and safe manner.

Get ready to love local this summer at a drive-in experience like no other.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events