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The Jennifer Jones Team

Jennifer is a professional, customer-oriented and personable real estate agent with over twenty years of experience in the real estate investment market. Jennifer is highly skilled in negotiating and closing deals completing over two hundred and fifty deals a year with her Rockstar Team. Jennifer is a creative, top listing agent with a large portfolio of over forty listings carried daily and has repeat clients seeking her professional advice on a regular basis. Jennifer and her husband invest in their own real estate, buying, renovating and flipping, and offer this expert advice to their own client’s and they hold many investment properties.

She brings strong market research and analysis with proficiency in written contracts with no legal recourse to date. Jennifer has sound investing advice and experience in purchasing property, renovating and reselling at a profit. She carries sound basic knowledge on construction and items to be aware of in purchasing investment properties. Jennifer is passionate about real estate and also about the communities she works in and believes strongly and actively contributes to them.

Jennifer believes in “mind-blowing” customer service and will work overtime to get your home bought or sold. She and the Team deeply value their relationships that are formed through this vehicle of “real estate.”