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The Passion Centre

For many of us, identifying and validating what makes us Passionate, and how we want to express that to the world can feel overwhelming on the best of days. You might even be confused as to where to begin with this process.

The Passion Centre offers an analytical framework, and a scientifically-based methodology to help you learn and then prioritize what makes you Passionate. Once validated a platform is created to help you express that into society.

It is the first ever attempt at streamlining such a process. We are different because we think differently. We tailor the progression through the program to each individual. As every individual is unique, this is a structure to flow in and out of community class-like settings to individual one on one sessions. This provides a formula for progression that focuses on creating sustainable impact for each individual participant.

The Passion Centre's flagship Passion-Mastery program is designed as 4 modules. Each module consists of 1 workshop and 1 private session to ensure community as well as personalized progression through each module.

The program welcomes large and small ventures, that we title 'Passion Pursuits' that each individual identifies and activates throughout the program. This is entirely dedicated and designed to create an avenue to launch ourselves in the direction of our own personal dreams. We rely entirely on your individual Passion Centres to light the way, and other systems of influence to create a centre point of gravity for all individual ventures. We help you to become crystal clear about your unique personal value, messaging and individual brand.

To unleash yourself, first begins through knowing yourself.

Your cause, mission, values and vision comes from self-certainty, otherwise known as Personal Intelligence (PQ), to which is a major focus in this one-of-a-kind program.

We welcome you to join us in this 4-part adventure/journey into self.

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