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The Queen Bee Studio

Artist Statement

I grew up as a stranger to my own story; adopted and re-named, grafted into a new family tree. The discovery in adulthood of my Ojibwa-Metis heritage was a revelation that set me on a path of discovery. I work in the powerful tradition of the vessel as metaphor for individuals; we fill and re-fill ourselves throughout life to create our own story. My developing story as an indigenous heritage woman and her quest for harmony with the natural world.

Nature not only inspires my forms but provides the substance of my sculptures. Working in beeswax as a sculptural medium is a concept I have developed based on the tradition of encaustic painting. This special medium is wonderfully pliable and responsive when heated and results in a finished object with a delicate scent and a soft, magical, tactile quality.

Tracey-Mae Chambers

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