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The Vivo Play Project

The Vivo Play Project is a four-year initiative that aims to increase knowledge, understanding, value, and participation in outdoor, unstructured play. It’s unique because it’s part public health research
initiative & part social innovation lab. We call that intersection “Social R&D”. We are at the forefront of a new generation of government, industry, and not-for-profit labs that are working to tackle the grand challenges facing our communities. Vivo is a leader in the Canadian innovation ecosystem, sharing, and collaborating with others across the country.

We believe the recipe for raising healthier generations doesn't have to be complicated. When people are active and socially connected, their lives improve. Open-ended, spontaneous outdoor play is one of the most accessible, adaptable and inclusive ways of bringing those two ingredients to a community. The Vivo Play Project is a cornerstone of Vivo ’s mission to help the community transform itself and continue to raise healthier generations.

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