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The Wealth Coaches are dedicated to promoting life-long learning and financial self-education to individuals and companies, so that they may know the Hidden Investment Strategies and Secrets of the Ultra-Rich that can serve to create multi-generational Monetary Wealth.


We are a financial consulting firm devoted to empowering clients to take their futures, wealth and legacies back into their own hands where it belongs, by educating them on the ancient strategies & secrets of money known to the super-wealthy.


The Wealth Coaches teach basic money mastery skills that will help you Save, Make, Protect, Manage, and Grow money over a lifetime. We utilize a suite of state-of-the-art financial wealth management tools, that leverage digital technology to help clients put $400 - $900 a month back in their pockets.


As Wealth Coaches and Financial Educators, we teach people the Hidden Strategies and Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Rich. We utilize hard asset investments such as Gold, Silver, Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, Income-Producing Real Estate, Asset Protection Trusts, Debt Reduction Strategies, Benefit Programs, Life Insurance Products, Segregated Investment Funds, and Residual Income Programs to accomplish each client's financial goals.


"Learn from History; Reap the Rewards!"


We consult to businesses and individuals alike, who want to earn more income, accumulate wealth, diversify their portfolios, and protect their assets from financial calamity. At Asset Pro, we utilize a Total Privacy and Impenetrable Asset Protection program known as the Specialized Trust Strategy that has been pioneered and perfected by the super wealthy over the last 600 years.


We coach, teach, mentor, and encourage our clients with the specific knowledge and personal development skills required to succeed. Training of the mind and spirit is a prerequisite for exceptional accomplishment in today's complex world.


We are the Calgary Regional Wealth Coaches and Financial Educators for Solid Financial Solutions Inc., based in Red Deer, Alberta. We facilitate financial education learning through seminars, workplace 'Lunch & Learns,' webinars and newsletters.


Solid Financial Solutions Inc. caters to investors of all kinds, from first-time savers to ultra-high net worth individuals and corporations. Our clientele typically seek to earn solid, monthly incomes from cash-flowing investments that also earn long-term capital appreciation such as gold & silver bullion, real estate, and Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, without the inherent risks of the stock market, as evidenced since 2008.


We educate people on financial self-management. Our approach is comprehensive, drawing common sense links between real life events and their financial implications. The goal is to engage everyone in a straightforward process that will lead them away from procrastination, fear, confusion, and stress towards knowledge, competence, control, and peace of mind.


We begin our financial programs by utilizing debt-reduction programs, asset privacy and protection strategies, and health insurance and benefits programs to insulate our clients from financial attack or disaster. We objectively coach them in creating and managing their own personalized portfolios utilizing land, single family, multi-family, and commercial real estate-based investments. These portfolios feature diversification by company, location, project type, and length. They are excellent investment vehicles to utilize, not only cash monies, but also registered funds such as RRSPs, Spousal RRSPs, LIRAs, LIFs, RIFs, RESPs, Pension Plans, TFSAs, etc.


Contact our Calgary-area representatives at The Wealth Coaches to learn more.

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