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Theresa Dunn

I have studied and been a practitioner in clinical mental health (B.A. Hon. Psych), in what constitutes environments that support mental health, and 30 years of transformative processes (certified peace professional). My motivation for my work comes from many years of experiencing people suffering through their lives with no apparent path to harmony. I have had the privilege to work with thousands of people who have asked for help often with no previous knowledge of what I would be able to do differently. The processes that I (and thousands of others around the world) employ have proven repeatedly that the most serious situation can be oriented to a compassionate nonviolent dialogue and resolution where creative possibilities can arise. The goal of this work today is to build communities of peacebuilders who can support citizens in resolving issues that seem out of reach of constructive solutions. These methods commit to doing no harm, caring for all people involved, and laying a foundation for conscious relations and understanding.

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