Thorpe Benefits and The HR Gazette

At Thorpe Benefits, we only concentrate on one thing – Group Benefits, a highly specialized and complex area that includes Wellness. And we are experts in our field. We do not do retirement planning, life insurance or investment counselling. We leave that to general life insurance brokers.

We are senior consultants that understand Group Benefits inside out. Our customized solutions are cost-effective, incorporate Wellness and are designed to promote employee health, maintain employee loyalty, increase retention and enhance your company’s culture and overall appeal.

The HR Gazette is a Toronto-based online business magazine offering fresh perspectives on topics including HR Technology, Talent, Performance, Learning, Strategy and Leadership. Along with partners such as WorkingTech, innovateworkTO and DisruptHR, the publication provides podcasts, interviews, opinion, and reviews from the brightest minds in and around HR. Contact to learn more. The HR Gazette is owned by Iceni Media Inc.

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