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I have been doing alternative healing & energy work for over 13 years :)   I was an organic greenhouse grower with my fmaily and fell in love with plants which is why its so fitting that i also use Young Living essential oils and all of it's products for healing myself and to help others :)  

My goal is to help others learn how to heal themselves on an emotional, mental, physical level healing body mind and soul!!!  I do a wide range of healing modalities that can be found on and many of them can be done via distance :) You can also check out  for more info on the amazing benifits of YL products (it also has an amazingly generous compensation plan as well!)

Young Living has a SEED TO SEAL program where we grow our own plants, harvest them & you can go to the farms to be a part of it, plus distill the oils & package them to be shipped to your door!!  They are worldwide and have been going strong for 20 years!  They are Theraputic grade A oils & I have tons of tetimonials to share and healing stories these are meant for taking internally, and are 100% pure!!!  Therefore I was able to use them when i was pregnant and on my munchkin when she was a baby SAFELY!  

Oils on the market only have to have 5% pure in it, to have pure on the label so do your research!!!

I also offer a wide range of courses for all ages to help spread the knowledge of ways to enrich your life and the lives of others for the better!  Once you heal you, those around you can heal to!!

 I am very grateful for all of my helpers who have helped me on my journey those that are seen and unseen :) Along with the support of my friends and family!!

You can also go to to find out more about the oils and

and to find out more about me and  courses/ session I offer.

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or Text/Phone Tina at 403-318-0708

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