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As humans today, we live our lives in fast forward and it's not uncommon to lose track of who we are and how to be the best versions of ourselves. A storyteller, motivator and coach, Tina Mathas is all about heart. Her greatest passion is inspiring life, whether that is inspiring your own life or inspiring life into your team, leadership, business and community. Tina helps her clients slow down to a speed wobble and reconnect through the energy of story, the discipline of coaching and the power of mindset. 

Tina knows that no single approach is the right one for every individual or team, and so she draws on her 23 + years as a leader, innovator and entrepreneur as well as her experience as a Neuroleadership and Team (TCI) coach and facilitator, Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile practitioner and her love for creative expression, to help her clients thrive. 

Tina is very clear about her purpose: Love it forward, be the bridge to true prosperity and well-being for all, through expression. So, when she isn't immersed in working with her clients, she's working on furthering her purpose through other passion projects like; writing her book “Carpet Burns: The Awakening of a Bohemian Heart” out in April 2018; The artisan centre called Canadiana Heart and the for-benefit movement of which she is the founder, The Tribal Knowledge Collective Inc. 

Tina believes in constantly pushing herself to the edge of discomfort. Her desire to want to better serve her clients and community has resulted in the start of a new journey as a PhD candidate in Social Psychology at Walden University.

Tina is based out of Calgary, Canada. An everyday human, co-parent of a brilliant, funny, talented, beautiful young soul, two Basset hounds named Gloria Marie and LeRoy and a fish named FISH (they lost Fred the crustacean a couple of months ago). 

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