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Owned by Jane Whitton, tionchar is a consulting company helping people and businesses build resiliency to change. Change is constant, exciting and stressful. Constant means we can never get away from it, and we probably don't know all the ways it's going to show up. Exciting means that it can be motivating! Something that we choose to make our lives better. And stressful means that it can takes a toll on us, on our health, on our success if it's not relieved.

At tionchar we work with entrepreneurs, partners and start up teams to develop activities and habits in their work-life combination. We relieve stress and support growth by creating or maintaining a "people first" mentality - whether that people is their team, or themselves. We believe that educating and supporting entrepreneurs and start-up businesses can mean big things for these individuals, their companies and our communities.

A collection of education, coaching and consulting services, tionchar meets people where they stand, and works with them to become more resilient to change.  


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