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Tony Roy and Humberto Gutierrez

Tony has over 30 years corporate and business management experience in the areas of operations, finance, quality, supply chain management and coaching. He holds a Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo.

Tony has been involved in large business start-ups and has an extensive training and coaching background, specifically in the area of high performance work systems.

Prior to starting his coaching practice, Tony spent 20 years within the chemical industry at Du Pont Canada. He held several management positions in Accounting, Finance, Operations and Logistics. As North American Supply Chain Manager, he was part of the start-up management team for a new business in Canada manufacturing Hydrogen Peroxide. In 10 years, his team grew the business from $2.5M revenue to over $250M.

After leaving Du Pont, Tony spent several years as Director of Operations in both the Transportation business – Dry Bulk trans-loading, and the Automotive industry – supplying Quality Inspection labour to OEM’s and Tier 1 and 2 organizations.

Tony has been running his coaching business since 1999. His coaching clients have won several awards including Profit Magazine’s Hot 50 Emerging Growth companies, KW Business of the Year, Cambridge Business of the Year, London Business of the Year, JA Waterloo Region Business of the Year and numerous Time, Team and Money awards within the ActionCOACH system.

At ActionCOACH’s recent North American conference Tony was awarded the ActionMan of the year award for coaching results and living the 14 Points of Culture. He has been a member of the President’s Club since 2012.

Tony and his wife, Brenda, also an entrepreneur, have lived in Cambridge since 1989 and have 3 sons.

Tony enjoys golfing, hiking, cross-country skiing, and hockey. He has served on the executive of the local hockey association as well as Big Brothers. Tony is a regular volunteer instructor for Junior Achievement and was a member of their Business Awards committee. Tony is a member of the Rotary Club of Cambridge helping to serve the community both locally and globally.


Here’s What Clients Have To Say About Tony and ActionCOACH business coaching




Hi Alan, I understand you are talking to Tony Roy from ActionCoach, and want to know if that is a good thing or not.  Let me start by saying it was (bar none) the best business decision we ever made. ActionCoach has a grasp on the fundamentals of business success that is so amazing that we are one of their biggest fans. I cannot stress enough the importance of surrounding oneself with extremely intelligent people if you want to achieve great things in life and in business. Tony rapidly became indispensable to Xylotek as a whole, and to me personally, as an expert resource we rely on for advice in every aspect of our business. That investment has paid off immensely for Xylotek, we cannot imagine not having access to the knowledge and expertise Tony brings to us all the time. Raving fans, thank you Tony!"
2010 Cambridge Bell Business of the Year


2009 KW Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year                Douglas W. Grosfield


                                                                                                           Xylotek Solutions Inc.
                                                                                                            President & CEO


I’ve been working with Tony for about 6 months now and when I take a look back at what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown I can see a significant difference.  I think differently now.  I understand my numbers.  I better understand my company.  I approach things with a business-oriented outlook.  My gut is still right, but now I know why.  This means I sleep better.  If my numbers are not great I now understand why and what I can do about it. Tony is a huge advocate of each of his clients. He will support you through every aspect of your business.  He will help you learn how to make decisions.


2010 London Bell Business of the Year Award Winner                 Shantal Feltham




                                                                        Stiris Research Inc.




“As a family business owner we recognized the importance and impact a successful company has


on our current standard of living. Our desire is to leave a thriving business to our children. To


achieve this we hired Tony Roy and Action Coach. For almost a year now Action Coach has taught us how to better manage our team, how to recognize the important figures on our financials and how to make decisions based on that information. They have shown us how to increase our profits, how to set and achieve goals and to celebrate our successes. The most important learning so far, is how to set aside time to work on our business, not just in our business. No longer are we working till late at night, just to get up and do it all over again, without ever achieving the results we were working so hard for. We are enjoying working with Action Coach and wholly recommend their team to any business owner looking to create a healthy and sustainable business.”


                                                                                                            John & Sharon Snoei


                                                                                                            Modern Turf Care




Tony has been a tremendous asset to our business. From developing marketing strategies, customer relations, to managing business growth. Tony is a very balanced, knowledgeable, and positive coach. Not only does he coach but is a big motivator. We highly recommend Tony to any business looking to excel in their market.


                                                                                                            Andrew Kingstone


                                                                                                            President at Kingstone Electric Inc




Tony has been instrumental in helping Winser Doors grow and become more efficient. I would not have achieved the results I have without him.


                                                                                                            Sean Carragher


                                                                                                            Owner, Winser Doors Inc




I have worked with Tony over the last year. I will be the first to admit the things that matter the most we tend to forget or lose focus on. Working with Tony has got us back on track with planning, tracking key measurable's and focus on the things that matter. Accountability keeps us motivated. I would highly recommend Tony for your business coaching needs. 
John Aarssen

                                                                                                        Sentry Group                                                                                                                 




Good morning Tony:


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for allowing me to experience and participate in the GrowthClub on Friday.  It was a great day on several planes.  I, of course, got the personal and professional benefit of learning lots, and spelling out my short term goals!  Additionally, and certainly not less important, I had the opportunity to get the first hand testimonials on ActionCoach from several of your clients.  I have never encountered business owners who spoke so highly of any service providers.  Congratulations to you, and your Team, for delivering such palpable value to your clients.



                                                                                                              Erik Twohig

                                                                                                              Sunbelt Business Brokers

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