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Toronto Bodhi Meditation Centre

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Who We Are

A global charitable organization, Bodhi Meditation was founded in 1991 by Master JinBodhi after eighteen years of studying and practicing in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China. Master JinBodhi was born a sick child and suffered from severe illnesses throughout his childhood. He regained good health through practicing meditation, thus he made a vow of compassion to help everyone achieve good health.

We welcome everyone regardless of their race, nationality, language, cultural background, belief, age or gender. The methods are simple, easy to learn, yet proven to be extremely effective in improving health. It is particularly suited to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Due to its effectiveness, Bodhi Meditation has spread to more than thirty centres in the world helping millions of people restore health and regain happiness.

What We Do

With a key focus on the attainment of health and happiness for all, our mission is to impart practical, effective meditation techniques as a way of strengthening the physical body, while inspiring awakening of the spirit. Bodhi Meditation practices derive from ancient Eastern philosophy. As such, it fosters the development of better perspectives on life, bringing about inner peace and harmony for its practitioners. Our organization is largely run by volunteers who have benefited from the practice.

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