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Toronto Common

Toronto Common makes it easy to enjoy a new experience without the worry and fuss of making reservations, agreeing on what to order, splitting the cheque, calculating tax and tip or doing any math at all.

All our events are planned with our business partners to offer a well curated, full experience with lots of variety, great value, tax & tip included, and our better than regular price guarantee.

Experience something new with Toronto Common!


* In order to offer these fun, great value, micro-events, Toronto Common works with businesses to offer variety, all-included pricing, guaranteed better than regular price value, small events on their off-peak times and we ask guests to purchase in advance, and commit to the event with no refunds, substitutions, or special requests so the businesses can plan efficiently creating a win win for both parties.

Tickets can be transferred without any additional administration but are non-refundable, can only be scanned once, and are one guest per ticket and cannot be shared.