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Toronto: How Money Works, and how it impacts everyday life

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Learn. Share. Prosper. Our group brings together professionals from various fields to present information on matters that impact our financial lives. This meetup is intended for those looking to learn something new in a non-judgmental and supportive environment, as well as provide a safe place to ask questions of experienced professionals. All presentations are free and are followed by a group Q & A facilitated by the speaker. We also hold monthly events around the city where we can simply socialize and make new friends with like minded individuals.


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Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Making a budget and sticking to it

  • 5 easy way to get out of debt

  • Protecting your income

  • The ABCs of investing

  • Types and benefits of different accounts (TFSAs, RSPs, RESPs, non-registered)

  • Renting vs Buying

  • Mistakes to avoid when buying a home

  • Financial considerations when starting a family

  • Saving for future education costs

  • Saving for retirement

  • Taking control of your taxes

  • Love and Money: The importance of communication

  • Healthy living: ‘Investing in yourself’

  • What does employment look like in today’s economy

  • Becoming a business owner

  • Life after work

  • Estate planning and leaving a legacy

Follow us @HowMoneyWorksTO

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