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United Way Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington

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“To build and strengthen our community by bringing people and resources together to facilitate change.”


We see a future where people are self-sufficient in a community where individuals live with hope, dignity and a sense of belonging.


We will be known as an organization that:

  • Operates with integrity, transparency and accountability to the highest ethical standards to ensure public trust
  • Provides leadership in driving social change, partnerships and collaborative innovation
  • Respects community wisdom by considering diverse viewpoints
  • Harnesses and engages the talents and resources in our community to enhance a philanthropic culture
  • Promotes volunteerism through creating awareness and engagement.

What is United Way?

United Way is Transparent and Accountable

  • We promote responsible stewardship of our community’s resources. Our fundraising and administration costs are among the lowest in the charity sector. In 2012 they were 12%, well below the average cost of fundraising and administration.
  • Our United Way is a member of Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code and adheres to the national United Way standards for transparency, accountability and reporting.
  • Our financial statements are audited by an independent auditor.

We Make a Difference Every Single Day

  • We work with frontline agencies, community partners, the private sector and all levels of government to ensure people have access to services and supports.
  • Through investment in programs, we support a strong network where individuals can develop their potential for self-sufficiency today and in the future.
  • United Way provides support to community agencies, strengthening their capacity to serve our community.

We’re Working to Address the Root Causes of Social Issues

Our Community is a vital, vibrant place. Our most pressing needs change from season to season, from year to year. United Way works with the community to identify issues that matter the most to the people of KFL&A, now and in the future.

It takes the whole community working together to identify issues and change social conditions. We achieve impact by working with others to determine root causes of social issues, investing resources strategically and then measuring the results over time.

Our goal is to create lasting change, to fulfill long-term needs and to strengthen not only individuals, but whole communities.

We Bring People and Resources Together to Facilitate Change

  • We bring people from across the community together in common purpose, raising funds and finding resources to support local needs.
  • We build a brighter future for all by working in partnership with other organizations and all levels of government to find local solutions to address social issues.
  • We use information from community conversations and evidence from research and our experience in the community to improve our understanding of complex social issues and to inform our strategies.
  • Along with community partners, we work to build public awareness of the challenges and issues facing our community.
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