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UnrulyNerdGirl (she/her or he/him)

Canadian, technically Ausnadian after living for four years Down Under, domestic service (aka luxury lifestyle) submissive to the rich and famous and little - service little, cheeky bear, errant evil scout, fervent axe thrower, maker of things, BDSM taxonomist, co-creator of a BDSM board game, and writer/published author.

Entered the BDSM community and lifestyle in her early twenties, and hasn't looked back since. Whether it is a day spent at an estate sale scoping out silverware, or acquiring a new skill for the service tool chest, this little bear makes the most of each day, and is thoroughly tuckered out when curling up next to a mound of stuffies at bed time. Active in local, national, and international BDSM communities as a moderator for various online activities, as one third of the triptych that organizes a local Ottawa munch, and as an educator.

Loves tacos, hot dogs, crafts, Minecraft, going to the gym, powerlifting, pinball, arcades, movie theatres, naps, drag queens, and Lego.

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