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Vancouver Technology User Group

Microsoft technology and software products have been widely accepted and adopted by many companies as a corporate standard for their server and desktop environments. This rapid adoption of technology has led to a shortage of skilled workers with the experience and expertise to deploy many of the new tools. Many workers in other industry segments have noticed this and have begun re-training themselves in this area. Other workers in the computing technology sector that had been working with mainframe and mini-computer operating systems and technologies have also been engaged in this re-training effort. What is lacking is the experience and shared knowledge base of information that can help to mitigate the risks of deploying the newer technologies and take full advantage of the capabilities.

Created as the Vancouver NT Users Group in 1996, the group changed it's name to the Vancouver Technology User Group in 2002. Since the VANTUGs inception, the interest from the membership has been centered around learning both about the newer technologies as well to seek out other members that may have knowledge to share.

Many members already have developer, IT Pro, database or Office certifications.

The members are also looking to understand more about the layered products that work on top of the lastest Microsoft software environment. For example, Microsoft Exchange and the collaboration tools that are available to create solutions within corporations.

The hunger for information and knowledge sharing will always be there and VANTUG has played, and will continue to play, an important role in facilitating this.

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