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Vanessa Faria - Licensed Soul Therapist

I serve women whose greatest pains come from feeling or being alone. Whether they feel alone on their own, or in large groups of people — I work with those who are accompanied daily by anxiety, guilt, isolation and further loneliness. 

She worries about not having or ever being enough in all aspects of her life, but especially in intimate relationships and career aspirations. My work is for the women who are afraid that anything they say or do will not be accepted, or ‘right’ among the people and situations they are currently a part of. 

She seeks simple steps and tools with new insight that will allow her to trust herself fully and pursue her desires. She desires to be independent and achieve her own goals. Knowing that she has the courage to live her authentic self and that she is capable of making her dreams come true everyday, she wants to experience freedom. To her, this would mean the world.

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