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Victoria Chamber Orchestra

Since incorporation in 1993, the Victoria Chamber Orchestra has had one goal: to be one of the best amateur chamber orchestras in North America. We're now in our 25th season!
   When Yariv Aloni took up residence in Victoria in 1994, the Victoria Chamber Orchestra seized the opportunity to hire Mr. Aloni as their musical director. He has remained the musical director for every season since then. An astounding fact that indicates how the VCO values what it receives from its leader.  Most orchestras are lucky to have a happy relationship with their conductors of 5 years! The Victoria Chamber Orchestra has been fortunate to have over 20 years of making music with the “master”, and we are  looking forward to many more. 
   Audience members love the programming that Maestro Aloni comes up with, and the orchestra members always grow into the program for each concert – even though they may experience the sharp intake of a breath, a gasp -- “Can we really do this?” -- when first looking at the new program. But  when the performance days arrive, they are once more rewarded with the pleasure of meeting another successful challenge supported and led by their leader, who has yielded such great rewards to the orchestra.
   This anniversary season, experience a new level of string orchestra performance of gorgeous programs with the Victoria Chamber Orchestra. Come and judge for yourself: are they or aren’t they?

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