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VIVO Media Arts Centre

VIVO Media Arts Centre, incorporated as Satellite Video Exchange Society, is a steward of critical history and an agent for emergent experimental media arts practices. Our programs foster formal and critical approaches to media arts, and reflect the diversity of contemporary technologies and communities that coalesce around new forms of knowledge and creativity. VIVO builds an engaged audience through workshops, production support, distribution, artist residencies, workshops, performances, exhibitions and curatorial and archival research. Through these activities and the extensive resources of Western Canada’s largest repository of media art history, VIVO plays a unique role in facilitating and fostering artistic practices in the region.

VIVO’s vision is for everyone to have the means and agency to creatively question and participate in their mediated worlds.

VIVO’s mission to nurture past, present and future media arts discourses and communities through equitable and public access to resources for preservation, production and dissemination.

VIVO strives to engender the following values:

We support non-normative, experimental, emergent, and exploratory practices that may not find space for expression in commercial or academic contexts.

We believe in creating space for artists and practitioners, and support artist-run values of proper compensation, self-organization, diversity and inclusion, and recognize that living up to these values requires deepening support of artists and practitioners.

Equitable stewardship
We recognize that providing equitable access to the materials and discourses of media arts production requires assessing and correcting biases inherent in our operations, including who gets to make decisions, occupy space or access resources.

Responsible stewardship
We believe responsible stewardship of our resources requires regularly assessing and improving our ability to professionally house and maintain our preserved media works, new and old technology, and aggregated knowledge and skills.

We strive toward critical awareness of ourselves and our context, the changing needs of our community, the power structures that exist in our society and the historic and systemic barriers to access, and we respond to these accordingly through our programs and resources.

We strive to address our complicity in colonial structures and consequently have a responsibility to redistribute power and resources to, support self-determination by, and foster relationships with Indigenous artists and groups.

We recognize the value of gathering and aim to provide space for active, non-exclusionary assembly that allows for new encounters with people and ideas.