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WE RIDE Virtual

Our Vision

Create a global online cycling community that celebrates all the people and the reasons WE RIDE

Our Mission

To create unique and fun opportunities for cyclists to connect, celebrate and challenge themselves.

Why WE RIDE? Well, there's a lot in a name ...

W - Welcome

E - Everyone


R - Rejoice -Respect -Race -Recreate/Recreation -Record -Rip -Roll -Recover -Rest -Reconnect -Reconcile/Reconciliation -Resonate -Relationship - Recharge -

I - Inspire -Include/Inclusive -Imagine -Identity - Incline -Integrity -Intersectionality

D - Discover -Diversity -Distance -Dare -Destination - Dignity -Demonstrate -Determination -Dedication -DIRT -Dream

E -Equality -Express/Expression -Escape -Experience -Eliminate -Explore -Environment -Empower -Equality -Elevate -Enjoy -Epic -Encourage -Excel - Energy -Enthusiasm -Endure -Embrace -Electric -Exercise

Why do you RIDE?

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