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WeDoSomething Mtl

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Many of us feel overwhelmed by the negative headlines we read every day, and are tired of feeling powerless about the problems that drive our collective conscience crazy. WeDoSomething Mtl is the answer to the question: what can I do to help? We are an antidote to powerlessness. 

WeDoSomething Mtl creates fun-raising events that do good and feel good. Every 2 months, we bring together people who don’t know each other but should, and connect them to causes that need support so that they actually get to know the people who run the organizations we are donating to, as well as the people who need those organizations. Think of us as matchmakers between your conscience and the organizations that need our help. Giving is not just about money, it’s about connection.


WedoSomething est la réponse à la question : que puis-je faire pour aider ?

Nous réagissons aux mauvaises nouvelles en faisant du bien autour de nous.

Nous réunissons les gens pour les connecter à des causes et des communautés qui ont besoin de soutien.

On appelle ça du fun-raising, car nous sommes convaincus que le bonheur entraine le bonheur.  Il n’est pas nécessaire de se sentir coupable d’avoir une belle vie pour améliorer celle des autres.

Nous sommes un antidote contre l’impuissance, une soirée à la fois.


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