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WELL Institute

Welcome to WELL! - WELL Stands for: Warrior. Explorer. Lover. Leader.

=>WELL Institute works with individuals and companies to create emotional stability, and the emotional safety for people to express themselves freely with integrity, clarity, grace, and cooperation. We believe that expression creates opportunities for collaboration and connection.

=>WELL online courses and live customized trainings are based on Depth psychology, archetypal psychology, spirituality, neuroplasticity, and concepts from Total Leadership, Stephen Karpman, and David Emerald on Empowerment Dynamics.

=>WELL supports personal as well as corporate transitions. As a company and as individuals, we believe that through darkness comes light, through fear comes love, and through pain comes transformation. Within our darkness lies the key to our greatest light. We are humans on the journey of awakening; when we hold a loving space for all parts of ourselves, leaning into the uncomfortable feelings and transitions in our lives, the clouds that obscure our true essence begin to part and we find ourselves unfolding our soul power.

=>WELL Institute helps women, and men interested in having more fulfilling relationships with women, navigate life transitions, overcome inner barriers, and transcend societal expectations. We guide you to lean into the difficult and uncomfortable feelings, releasing and empowering you to authentically express yourself with a heightened sense of response-ability in a systematic and professional way where we think of structure as the springboard of spontaneity. It's a lifestyle structure that ensures the continuation and nurturing of the new emerging self.

On a corporate level, we believe that work environments are affected by the collective leadership and individuals’ emotional health. We strive to support companies to have a conducive environments where both masculine and feminine consciousness are honoured in a manner that is vital for both genders in the work place.

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