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Your Life Sparkles


Welcome to 'Your Life Sparkles'...
We are Kris, Lisa and Angela and we think YOU are fabulous. We are sisters who have been in business together for 10 years.. many ups and downs, many changes and through this journey we have learned to LEARN instead of lose, celebrate the small steps and sparkle through it all.


Kris is business owner, cat-mom and artist. “We are here for THIS purpose: to connect, live and sparkle!'


Lisa is a mom of 3 humans, sports coach and entrepeneur. 'I love the connection that comes from the power of women'


Angela is a mom of 4 humans, Registered Massage Therapist and community enthusiast. ‘I believe that kindness is the greatest gift we can give- when we lift one another up- that is something really special.’


Find out more about Kris, Lisa and Angela on our website.

We believe in creating heart-felt events. 
We believe in inspiration and empowerment. 
We are 3 sisters who were raised with open minds and positive hearts.

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