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YPCPA-Calgary is a dynamic project spearheaded by Canadians of Polish heritage, who represent a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds. We share the desire to create a place of inspiration and dialogue focused on exploring what it means to be Polish-Canadian, and how to integrate this attribute into our personal and professional lives.
We are interested in connecting with each other and engaging with the broader Canadian community to share ideas about contemporary Poland on both a formal and informal basis, specifically in the context of art, film, music, business, politics, economy and sports – to name a few. We invite you to participate by sharing ideas, facts, thoughts and feelings online or in person at one of our future events.
In addition to promoting our culture, we champion a cause close to home; we choose to save lives by donating blood. Help us reach our donation goal by providing our number whenever you donate blood! PFL ID nr. YPCP291561
Zapraszamy! (Welcome!)

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