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How to join or create a group after registering individually

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Category: Attending an Event

You can still join or create a group if you previously registered as an individual. Log in to your Eventbrite account, and click to view your order details on the "Tickets" page. Then select "Join a Team" or "Transfer" to get started.

TIP: Depending on the organizer's event settings, you might see the term group, company, organization, or association instead of the word "team."

NOTE: If you already registered for an event, don’t join a group through the group's page or you’ll be registered for the event twice (once as an individual and another as a member of the group.)

1. Manage your order.

After eblink{logging in=> target=_blank}, access the Account Menu and select "Tickets." Then find your order under "Upcoming Events" and click to view or manage.

2. Select Join a Team or Transfer.

Choose "Join a Team" or "Transfer" to get started.

3. Select "Change Team."

On the next page, choose "Change Team."

TIP: You may see the option for other types of transfers (such as changing your ticket type), but you don’t need to worry about those for a group change. You may also see the word team, company, organization, or association instead of "group," but the steps here are the same.

NOTE: If you clicked "Join a Team", you won't have to select "Change Team." Instead, you'll automatically skip to the next step.

4. Join or create a team.

You'll see tabs with specific actions you can perform: • Join a team • Create a team (you'll be the eblink{group manager=>})

TIP: If you haven't registered for the event, eblink{join a group=>} or eblink{create a group=>} directly on the event listing.

5. Select "Continue."

After you select the team you want to join, or enter the name of your new team, you'll be taken to an informational page. • Joining a team will show the team name and provide the option to "find another team". • Creating a team will show the team name, prompt you to "eblink{create a team password=>}" (optional), and set a "preferred start time" (depending on the event settings.) Click "Continue" to move on to the transfer summary.

6. Review your transfer summary.

You’ll be asked to review the "Transfer Summary" to make sure all the details are correct.

7. Click "Continue Transfer."

When you select "Continue Transfer", you should receive a success message that you’ve made the change successfully. You'll also see your updated order details.

TIP: To eblink{see your new group’s page=>}, select "Back to Current Orders" and look for "Groups."

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