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Join an online event

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Category: Attending an Event

When you register for an online event, the event organizer will tell you how to join it. Look for information in your confirmation email and reminder emails. Organizers may also set up an online event page which will include everything you need to know.

<h2 id="1">1. Check your confirmation email.</h2> <p>The confirmation email is a record of your purchase. It may also include a message from the organizer and a link to their online event page.</p> <p>To find your confirmation email:</p> <ol><li>Go to your email.</li><li>Search for emails from “;</li><li>Open the email associated with your event.</li></ol> <p>If the organizer included a custom message, it will appear under <b>Additional information</b>.</p> <p>If you can&#39;t find the confirmation email, check any other email addresses you may have used.</p> <h2 id="2">2. Go to the online event page.</h2> <p>When organizers create online events, they sometimes set up an online event page. This is a web page that lists all the resources you need for their event.</p> <p>To access the online event page, do any of the following:</p> <ul><li>Go to the confirmation email and click <b>View the event</b>.</li><li>Visit the event page and click <b>Access the event</b>.</li><li>Log into Eventbrite and go to <b>Tickets</b>. Find your order and click <b>Go to online event page</b>.</li></ul> <p>Once at the online event page, you must log into the correct Eventbrite account to see the content.</p> <h2 id="3">3. Look for emails from the organizer.</h2> <p>Organizers may include information on how to join the event in their reminder emails.</p> <p>To find any Eventbrite reminders sent by the organizer:</p> <ol><li>Go to your email.</li><li>Search for emails from “;</li><li>Open the email associated with your event.</li></ol> <h2 id="4">4. Contact the organizer.</h2> <p>If you still aren’t able to find how to join the event, contact the organizer directly.</p> <p>To contact the organizer, do any of the following:</p> <ul><li>Visit the event page. Then click <b>Contact</b>.</li><li>Log into Eventbrite and go to <b>Tickets</b>. Select your order and click <b>Contact the organizer</b>.</li><li>Reply to your confirmation email.</li></ul> <h2 id="5">Helpful links</h2> <ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">Contact the event organizer</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank">Where are my tickets?</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank">Common questions for ticket buyers</a></li></ul>

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