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What to do if your OAuth token is invalid

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Updated by Antwonne D.

Category: Account Settings

An OAuth token won’t expire and only becomes invalid if you change the password on your Eventbrite account. A new OAuth token will be automatically generated once you eblink{reset your password=> target=_blank}, and you can find the new OAuth token in the eblink{App Management=> target=_blank} section of your Account Settings.

TIP: Are you sharing the Eventbrite account and need access? Contact the owner of the account to have them send you the newly generated OAuth token.

PRO TIP: If your application uses the OAuth 2 flow and receives this error, you can programme your app to recognize the error and notify you. You’ll need the account owner to approve your app again in order to get a valid OAuth token — email them!

NOTE: If you have multiple people accessing the same Eventbrite account, please make sure that they're aware if you change the password. If you're frequently approving the same app, it may be because another user that’s sharing your account keeps changing your password.

1. You'll see this error if you need a new OAuth token.

If you see this error, you’ll need to get the updated OAuth token in your Eventbrite account.

2. Go to Account Settings.

After you eblink{log in=> target=_blank}, access the account menu, then select eblink{Account Settings=> target=_blank}.

3. Go to "App Management" (under Developer).

Developer is the second-to-last section in the options menu.

4. View your new OAuth token.

Find your app, then click the arrow to expand it and show your new OAuth token. Make sure to send the updated token to any other people working in your Eventbrite account.

PRO TIP: Want to learn more about integrating with the Eventbrite API? eblink{Check out our developer documentation for fast help=> target=_blank}.

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