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Join an event affiliate programme

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To join an event affiliate programme, click the link in the invite sent by the event organizer. Then share your unique link to promote the event and earn referral commissions from each ticket sale you generate. Please note that any and all payment of referral commissions are the responsibility of the event organizer, not Eventbrite.

<h2 id="1">Before you join</h2> <h3 id="1-1">1. What is an event affiliate program?</h3> <p>An event affiliate program allows event organizers to invite people to act as promoters. Promoters receive a unique event URL (link) to promote and earn referral commissions for tickets sold through their unique link. You do not earn referral commissions for orders you place through your promoter URL (link).</p> <h3 id="1-2">2. How much can I earn for tickets sold?</h3> <p>Referral commissions are either a fixed amount or percentage of each ticket sold (based on the ticket price). Event organizers are responsible for payment of referral commissions, not Eventbrite.</p> <h3 id="1-3">3. How do I join an event affiliate program?</h3> <p>A promoter invitation is required to join an event affiliate program. If you&#39;d like to promote an event, contact the organizer through the event listing (where tickets are available for registration) to see if they offer referral commissions for tickets sold. By joining an event affiliate program, you enter into an affiliate relationship with the event organizer, not Eventbrite.</p> <h2 id="2">Acting as a promoter</h2> <h3 id="2-1">1. Keep track of and only share your promoter URL (link).</h3> <p>You only earn referral commissions for tickets sold through your unique event URL (link). This means a person must click your link and complete registration directly after to attribute the sale to your efforts.</p> <h3 id="2-2">2. Contact the organizer to receive payment.</h3> <p>The event organizer is responsible for payment of any and all affiliate commissions. Reach out to the organizer to provide your preferred method of payment.</p> <h3 id="2-3">3. Track your performance.</h3> <p>Keep track of your earnings in the eblink{Affiliate Program=&gt;} section of your Eventbrite account.</p> <h3 id="2-4">4. Get help.</h3> <p>Direct any questions about the event affiliate program, referral commissions, and payment to the event organizer. To contact them, go to the eblink{Affiliate Program=&gt;} section of your Eventbrite account and click &quot;Contact the Organizer&quot; (under the event name).</p>

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