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Can I request scheduled payouts for my events?


Updated by Antwonne D. on 11/22/2017

Feature Availability: This article discusses a feature only available for Eventbrite Professional and Premium organizers.
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When you use eblink{Eventbrite Payment Processing=>} to take payments, we'll send you a single payout after your event by default. If your account qualifies, you can eblink{apply to receive payouts prior to your event(s)=>} to help pay for event expenses (like venue fees and eblink{marketing efforts=>}). Head to the Payment Options page, look to the Payout Schedule section, then click "Apply Now" to get started.

PRO TIP: Once your payout starts processing, it can take up to 5 bank days — 7 bank days outside the U.S. — for funds show up in your account (i.e., no weekends or holidays). eblink{Learn more about our default payout schedule=>}.

NOTE: If you're already receiving payouts before your events and want to change your payout schedule, eblink{contact us=>} with your account email address and the reason why you'd like to change your payout schedule. Our Payment Operations team will be able to assist.

— Apply for scheduled payouts from Payment Options

If your account qualifies, you can eblink{apply to receive payouts before your event(s) take place=>}. Head over to your event's Payment Options page and look to the Payout Schedule section to apply for scheduled payouts. If your application is approved, the payout schedule you choose will apply to all the events in your Eventbrite account.

NOTE: Only the main account holder can apply to receive payouts before the event ends. If you're a eblink{subuser=>} with access to events, you'll need to have the main account holder log into their Eventbrite account to request scheduled payouts. eblink{Learn how to become the main administrator=>} for the account (if the current administrator is no longer managing events).

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