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Adding Magic to Your Business

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Join this powerful class where you'll discover techniques to improve your business success quickly and easily.

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Ever feel like you’re taking all the right steps but not getting the results you want? You’re following the business plan. You may have a small business or an enterprise. Things should be working. But they’re not, or just not in a big enough way. The results aren’t there. The money isn’t there. The business success isn’t there. The problem may not be your business plan or even your execution, as crazy as that may sound. It may be something you can’t even see.

Adding Magic to Your Business isn’t about business coaching, it’s about transformational coaching, the kind of coaching that gets you results quickly and powerfully. If you want to succeed in business but find that very business success evading you, then this is a must-attend course.

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Join Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, and Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz, for a powerful experience where you’ll discover that your business plan is just the start, your business execution is important but may not be the issue, and your business mindset has a much more powerful impact than you realize.

You will learn how to create business success and generate more income like magic. In fact, past participants have had their business reality change by the end of the class. Watch the effect of these transformational techniques on others or volunteer to have your own business mindset shifted. Shiraz works much less on what you do, and more on who you are, because who you are attracts the results you’re looking for. Imagine creating bigger business success without necessarily having to work harder or longer. Imagine attracting more clients and generating more money with a simple shift in your approach to business.

Sound impossible?

Here’s what’s happened to others:

“I have been working with Shiraz for the last 6 years, now. In that time, not only have I moved my practice from my home to into a clinic of my own, but I have also quintupled my income, and have done so while finally being able to vacation out of the country a couple times each year.” - Chantal Milot - Ranked #8 Sports Massage Therapist in Ontario, 2019, 2020 Consumer Choice Award Winner for Business Excellence

“Working with Shiraz really compelled me to take responsibility in, first, being the CEO in my business, and really stepping into kind of strategic and growth-oriented point of view. And second, become more visible in my business.

We stopped looking at our local market as the only market available to us and found ourselves teaching students in more than 30 cities across the United States. We’ve since been able to reach upwards of 25,000 people across North America and 4 countries in Europe.” - Andy Torr, CEO Authentic Networker

The Manifest Magic Mindset transforms you in as little as a few minutes, allowing your business plan to start working and your business success to reach new heights. Shiraz works directly with your unconscious mind to access limiting beliefs your don't even know are there and then shift your reality. If your business has plateaued or is just growing too slowly, if what you’re doing should be working but isn’t, or if you want to create more career and business opportunities, the Manifest Money Mindset can help and the Monthly Magic Manifestation Program™ can anchor in and amplify your changes.

I highly recommend experiencing this Adding Magic to Your Business workshop because it can powerfully remove your limiting beliefs on how to grow your business and how to attract clients easily as well as get you out of parental, cultural, and societal limiting beliefs around attracting money and building your business that are keeping you from creating massive business success.

The truth is, opportunities to attract clients, generate more money, and achieve business success surround you, but you've been raised to think in limiting ways about money, business success, and business opportunities, such as what could go wrong instead of what could go right. Shiraz has worked with many people trying to solve a physical business problem when a belief around business was actually the problem and they just couldn’t see it. The Manifest Magic Mindset offers a simple but effective method for you to intentionally shift your ability to attract clients, increase cash flow, and get out of the business struggles so that business success shows up easier and quicker. Most people create their lives unconsciously, instead of consciously, which is why they aren’t seeing the money and business success in their lives they are asking for. People who have attended this class have had powerful shifts in their business reality, and have seen changes in their cash flow, client relations, and business opportunities within days of the event.

This is a live video chat (via Zoom). Bring your questions, issues, and concerns. You can participate or just listen in. If you are busy that day, you will still reap the benefits from the recording and its impact on your ability to succeed in business.

"Beliefs first, reality second."

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Date and time


Online event

Refund policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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Organizer Energetic Magic

Organizer of Adding Magic to Your Business

Energetic Magic healing is a new modality that simplifies energy healing so that changes in you can occur in as little as a few minutes. Because it works on limiting beliefs, Energetic Magic can affect any area of your life that needs healing: health, career, relationship, finances, spirituality, and even money. Shiraz works directly with Source(Universal/God/Divine) energy to access knowledge and then shift your reality. If you need to get unstuck in a specific area in your life, this energy healing technique can help.

Energetic Magic powerfully removes your personal limiting beliefs as well as get you out of parental, cultural, and societal limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your best life. Source energy surrounds us all day, and Energetic Magic offers a simple but effective method for you to access it intentionally. Most people tap into Source energy unconsciously, instead of consciously, which is why they aren’t seeing the healing in their lives they are asking for. Energetic Magic healing is based on the philosophy that the unconscious limiting beliefs in you can be easily accessed and removed through simple intention. The information needed to find those beliefs comes from tapping into Source energy.

Energetic Magic has helped thousands of people to become aware of and remove their limiting beliefs resulting in better realities of career, health, finance, relationships, and more.

"Energy Healing through Belief Shifting"

Energetic Magic is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but all services and most events are available online. 



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