Exercise Body, Senses and Brain - 2023 BIAYR Programming Series

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Exercise Body, Senses and Brain - 2023 BIAYR Programming Series

Online weekly exercise workshop for brain injury survivors and caregivers

By Brain Injury Association of York Region

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Fri, Jan 6, 2023 7:00 AM - Fri, Jun 30, 2023 8:30 AM PST



About this event

Exercise Body, Senses and Brain

An online weekly exercise program which incorporates sensory stimulation and awareness. Each session will last one hour and will have a different focus. The intention of this program is to:

  • Help participants maintain an active lifestyle in their own home
  • Teach skills which can be used independently and frequently
  • Teach skills which integrate movement and sensory input for better brain function
  • Teach skills which will improve balance (also seated balance), coordination and strength

This program will empower participants to use the skills they learn on a daily basis. Each session will focus on and include a short explanation of the exercises and their objectives concerning body-brain function. In addition, each session will include visual and breathing exercises to improve overall wellness and balance. Handouts and videos of the information and exercises will be available to participants after each session.

Summary of the sessions (not necessarily in this order):

Sensory warm-up – This warm-up provides sensory stimulation from head to toe. By focusing on and feeling each part of the body, overall awareness and coordination are improved.

Joint mobility upper body – Traditional exercise programs emphasize muscle strength and mobility. This session will focus on moving joints, wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, etc. in a full range of motion.

Joint mobility lower body and Balance. Most of the exercises can be done sitting.

Torso mobility will explore how we can bend our body and discover what feels good and balanced.

Lymphatic system – a brief explanation of lymphatic system function and exercises to improve lymphatic drainage.

Vagus nerve – a brief explanation of the Vagus nerve and exercises to stimulate it as a way to self-calm and regulation.

Posture, balance and overall coordination.

Combining drills from the different sessions into coordination and balance exercises.

About Anne Klausner:

Anne Klausner studied hydrotherapy at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, Israel. She supplemented these studies at Wingate Institute of Physical Education training in osteopathic and rehabilitation therapy methods. She gained invaluable experience working as an aquatic therapist at the Sheba Rehabilitation Hospital with patients of all ages who had suffered traumatic injuries or had chronic syndromes.

After coming to Canada in 2006, Anne was certified as a personal trainer and has since been studying the neurology of movement and pain. In 2016, she founded Exercise with Care to spread her vision of health and well-being by helping those who suffer from chronic pain and movement challenges.

Exercise with Care provides one on one client sessions and small group sessions. Anne also conducts workshops and webinars. In March 2019, she spoke to BIAYR at the Richmond Hill Public Library.

Anne is an advocate for changing how those with chronic pain are treated. No one should be told that pain is “normal” or to “get used to it”.

About the organizer

The Brain Injury Association of York Region is committed to helping individuals, and their loved ones, who are dealing with a brain injury.  Our focus is to provide awareness, education, and advocacy.