Enhance Your Event Planning and Marketing With QR Codes

Enhance Your Event Planning and Marketing With QR Codes

QR codes provided by Eventbrite streamline event registration and on-site check-in, setting the tone for an unforgettable live experience.

Give your attendees the convenience of contactless entry to your event with the scan of a barcode ticket

Let Eventbrite's event management technology automatically assign each of your event tickets a unique QR code at registration.

Give your attendees the convenience of contactless entry to your event with the scan of a barcode ticket

With Eventbrite taking care of your ticketing and registration, you can focus on the other touchpoints that will make your live experience unforgettable for attendees.

  • Enhance your guests’ end-to-end event experience, beginning with expedited entry via a quick scan of the QR code on their event ticket at the door. It's a great way to make a positive first impression from the get-go.

  • Easily create tickets that can be synced with your event on the backend. You can immediately validate the authenticity of event tickets at check-in using the Eventbrite Organizer app.

Discover how QR codes for events support higher attendance, marketing ROI, and customer satisfaction

Discover how QR codes for events support higher attendance, marketing ROI, and customer satisfaction

Effortlessly integrate QR codes for events into your online marketing and promotional campaigns with Eventbrite's industry-leading software. Drive more click-throughs and conversions with our automated generator of unique QR codes that customers can scan on their smart devices to be instantly transported to your event page.

  • Providing quick and easy mobile access to your events with a QR code will drive customer satisfaction and add repeat business. QR codes not only deliver greater efficiencies but also help protect you against ticket fraud.

  • Stay top-of-mind with elegant ticket design featuring an automated generator of new QR codes at registration that instantly takes customers to your event listing with a simple scan.

What is a QR code for events?

What is a QR code for events?

A quick-response (QR) code is the two-dimensional matrix version of a traditional scannable barcode. The readable data contained in a QR code enables your event attendees to instantly access event information and efficiently move through check-in with a quick swipe of a digital event scanner.

QR codes enable a more efficient and streamlined workflow for your event planning, management, and marketing. With the quick scan of a QR code, your guests get a comprehensive view of all the event details and are instantly directed to your event ticketing page.

With the completion of the online registration form, your attendees can also seamlessly add all event details into their digital calendaring systems with a simple click.

How does a QR code for events enhance my attendees experience?

Date published/ June 16, 2020

Your attendees can scan your QR code to instantly access a wide range of important event information, including the following:
Company or organizer’s name, event name, event description, CTA (call to action) button for tickets, date, time, and location.
A detailed all-in-one capture of all venue amenities available for guests at your event.
Contact information for event personnel.
An optional sharing button for customers to distribute your event page throughout their network.

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  • “Eventbrite cut down check-in time by about 66%. There are no lines at the door and nobody is frustrated.”

    — Gabriella Graceffa-Bunker, EA to the President of Whole Foods NA

  • “With Eventbrite, it’s just easy. Whether I’m sitting at my desk or on site at a festival, I can access everything on Eventbrite.”

    — Donnie Estopinal, CEO & Founder

  • “The ticket sales process is a lot easier and the check-in process has become seamless.”

    — Pete Torres, Director of the Tribeca Film Festival

  • “Working with Eventbrite has helped us sell more tickets. Anyone who’s as data obsessed as I am will absolutely love Eventbrite’s backend.”

    — Vicki McMurchie, Senior Operations Manager

  • “Eventbrite has helped us so much...they really seem to care about our company and the success of it.”

    — Kate Levenstien, founder and CEO of Cannonball Productions

Choose the right event package and create your QR code event registration

Get started for free and avoid ticketing fees by passing them to attendees.


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Start streamlining event registration and on-site check-in with QR codes provided by Eventbrite.