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WinSETT Centre Leadership Program

The  WinSETT Centre is an action-oriented, non-profit incorporated organization that aspires to recruit, retain and advance women in science, engineering, trades and technology (SETT) in Canada.


Why is the WinSETT Centre Leadership Program unique?

 1.    Exclusive Focus on Women in SETT 

  • Our leadership program focuses on women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology careers and in some workshops also includes women in finance, HR, and administrative roles that intersect with and support SETT professionals
  • Our research, studies and best practices focus on SETT workplaces

2.    All Canadian 

  • Workshops are based upon the experiences of Canadian women in SETT who have participated in the workshops  
  • Our research, studies and best practices focus on the Canadian reality
  • WinSETT Centre is a Canadian Not-for-Profit, governed by an esteemed group of Canadian women in SETT

  3.    From Sea to Sea

Over 75 workshops have been delivered from St. John’s NL to Victoria BC to over 850 different women (many of these women have attended several workshops) 

 4.    Led by Vision; Driven by Values

 Led by this vision: Through collaboration and partnership, the WinSETT Centre creates and fosters opportunities that encourage women to enter, stay and grow in SETT careers, with the goal of maximizing Canada’s human resource potential, increasing innovation, and driving Canadian economic development.

  • Driven by these values: Collaboration, Equity, Inclusion, Fairness and Respect which translate into the key messages of the Leadership Program:
  1. Women in SETT must be authentic to who they are
  2. Leadership is a set of competencies that can be learned and you can lead from wherever you may be
  3. But you have to take responsibility and be proactive oLeadership growth takes commitment, courage and practice

5.    Working with Industry, Academia, Organizations and Associations 

We work in and with industry, academia, organizations that promote women in SETT, and professional associations


6.    Tackling both sides of the Equation: Our goal is to strengthen leadership knowledge, skills and roles in women in SETT, and contribute to creating SETT work environments that are respectful and inclusive.           

7.    Interactive workshops + professional facilitators + experienced SETT women guest speakers = success

  • Workshops are highly interactive – we learn from the full spectrum of interaction: presession engagement survey, self-reflection, partner discussions, small group work and full group discussions, and post workshop-evaluation
  • Each workshop features an experienced women in SETT guest speaker who shares her experiences and strategies for success with the group
  • Professional facilitators deliver the workshops – they all have a passion for the work of the WinSETT Centre and want you to succeed

8.    Removing the isolation: WinSETT Leadership Network


  • After the workshop, participants are invited to join the Women in SETT Leadership Network which is moderated and managed by the WinSETT Center to keep the connection and learning going.  This online network has all the touchpoints participants need to stay current, keep connected and contribute to the community. 




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