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Request a refund

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Category: Attending an Event

Third party event organizers create and manage the events on Eventbrite. They are responsible for setting a refund policy and issuing refunds. If you want a refund for your tickets, send a request to the organizer of the event.

<h2 id="01">Request a refund directly from your Eventbrite account</h2> <p>Eventbrite automatically creates an account with the email address you used to purchase a ticket. If refund requests are allowed, you’ll see the option to request one in your account:</p> <ol><li>Log in to Eventbrite.</li><li>Go to &quot;Tickets&quot; in your account. Select the ticket you want a refund for.</li><li>Click &quot;Request a refund&quot;. </li><li>Enter your details and submit your request. </li></ol> <p>Click “Contact the Organizer” if you don’t see the option to request a refund or you have a question about the status of your refund request.  </p> <h2 id="02">You purchased tickets for an event that did not occur </h2> <p>Make sure you meet all the requirements below:</p> <ul><li>You already <a href="" target="_blank">contacted the organizer</a> and they have either not responded or denied your request </li><li>The event was scheduled to take place within the last 45 days but did not occur (not postponed or rescheduled)</li><li>The organizer used Eventbrite Payment Processing to process your payment</li></ul> <p>If you meet the requirements, ask for a refund through this <a href="" target="_blank">refund request form</a>. </p> <h2 id="03">The organizer issued your refund to a closed bank account or expired/cancelled card </h2> <p>If the event organizer issued your refund but you did not receive it because the bank account is closed, or the credit card is expired/cancelled, contact Eventbrite Support for help. Go to the <a href="" target="_blank">Eventbrite Support homepage</a> and select “I’m going to an event” &gt; “Refunds” &gt; “Refund issued to a closed account, expired or canceled card” &gt; “I still need help”.</p>

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