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Community Guidelines


Updated by Antwonne D. on 05/19/2016

Category: Trust and Safety

Every week, millions of people come to Eventbrite to discover tens of thousands of live experiences. We want every one of you to rest assured that you are browsing and purchasing in a safe, secure environment. This is why we developed our Community Guidelines.

Building a Brite Community

These guidelines are intended to help you understand what is acceptable on Eventbrite and what crosses the line. The wide range of events on Eventbrite—from photography workshops and networking events to large concerts, rallies, and festivals—demonstrate the very diverse interests in our community. We don’t endorse all the events or organizers on our platform, but we do support freedom of speech and assembly, and want to help cultivate safe spaces for everyone. If something violates our eblink{Terms of Service=>}, is unsafe, or otherwise doesn’t meet the standards set out in our Community Guidelines, we remove it from the platform. Otherwise, we welcome all parties and views that behave respectfully. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger as a result of content posted on Eventbrite, please first contact your local law enforcement agency. Once you’ve reported the issue to law enforcement, click eblink{here=>} to report the issue directly to Eventbrite.


Eventbrite is a place where anyone can create or find live experiences that fuel their passions. We believe that giving all voices a way to be heard is important to a healthy community and encourage a wide array of engaging events on our platform. As long as our community remains safe and respectful, the more diverse we are, the better! Here are welcome activities and content that will help keep Eventbrite a fun space for anyone to learn and grow. Events of All Kinds • Whether you’re interested in wine, email marketing, dance, coding, or nearly anything else—you’re free to create events that bring your community together. Respectful, Celebratory Content • We highly encourage the use of content that celebrates different cultures, countries, and voices. Everyone may not agree with your views, but we support freedom of speech. Express yourself and inspire our community with your unique perspective and insight. Self-Generated Content • You are welcome to use content in your event listing that you’ve created yourself, provided that it is not hateful or explicit in nature. This includes photos, videos, logos, and copy. Merchandise Sales • Feel free to sell event-related merchandise in tandem with your event tickets and registrations. Just make sure you are staying within legal parameters, only selling merchandise that you’ve created or has been licenced to you.


Below, we’ve outlined some key guidelines for what we believe crosses the line into hateful or dangerous territory, and will lead to the removal of event listings and disabling of accounts. In general, if we believe there are direct threats, or genuine risk of physical harm to someone or a group of people, we not only take action on our site, but will also work with law enforcement (as appropriate). Below you’ll find more information about specific areas of unacceptable or concerning content, either on Eventbrite or linked from Eventbrite. Illegal Activity • Eventbrite may not be used to facilitate criminal activity of any kind. We will work with law enforcement when we have reason to believe there is a legitimate risk to the safety of any individual or the community. Additionally, organizations that participate in terrorist activity or organized criminal activity are not allowed on Eventbrite — and neither are events that support or encourage these organizations. Copyright and Trademark • You may only upload content on Eventbrite that you either created yourself or have explicit authorization to use. This includes, but is not limited to, all images, logos, videos, and text uploaded on your event listing. If you didn’t create the content or you have not received permission to use it, don’t upload it. Reselling and Physical Goods • Eventbrite is a platform for authorized ticket sellers to offer tickets to their own events to the public. The platform may not be used to resell tickets, sell physical goods, or otherwise facilitate the sale of anything other than a ticket for your own event. (One exception: Merchandise that has been added as an option in tandem with an event ticket/registration.) Hateful/Dangerous Content and Organizations • Eventbrite does not tolerate content or organizations that promote or encourage hate, violence, or harassment towards others and/or oneself. Specifically, content or organizations that promote hate towards or the harassment of individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity will not be permitted on our site. Explicit Content • Eventbrite is not a place for pornography, or for violent and/or graphic content. This applies to all content on our site, including images, videos, and descriptions. We understand that not all nudity is pornographic, and that certain graphic content may be necessary to emphasize the nature of an event on our platform. We will remove content that exposes genitals, fully exposed buttocks, or is otherwise intended to celebrate violence or primarily to shock the viewer. Beyond this, we may choose to make certain content private in order to protect the community. Privacy • You may not use Eventbrite to collect credit card numbers, social security numbers or similarly private information. Beyond this, be thoughtful and careful about the kind of information you ask for, and don’t use Eventbrite to collect and abuse sensitive information from others. Disrespect Our Community • Most importantly, we expect you to respect the individuals, organizations, and groups that are a part of the Eventbrite community. If the content you’re posting is hateful, dangerous, or illegal in nature, there’s no place for it on Eventbrite.

How to Flag and Process for Review

Our goal is to promote a safe and respectful community. We rely on this community to eblink{report content that violates our Community Guidelines=>}. We also ask for your understanding that Eventbrite encourages a diverse, global community. Content that you find upsetting or controversial may not violate our Community Guidelines. If you come across content that you believe violates our Community Guidelines or is otherwise disturbing, we want to know. Use the “Report This Event” link in the footer of the event listing to submit your concern. We’ll review each report, and depending on the nature of the report, we may or may not follow up with you. If we determine that the content violates our Community Guidelines, we may remove only the relevant content, or we may take down the entire event listing. If the abuse of our platform is serious and severe, we may also terminate the associated Eventbrite account. Certain content, while not in violation of our Community Guidelines, may not be appropriate for everyone on our platform. In these cases, we may decide to make the content private.

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