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Eventbrite’s industry-leading enterprise event management software empowers event creators to be experience makers.

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All-in-one event management software powering extraordinary experiences

Eventbrite is the world's leading event management software platform, powering millions of events in over 180 countries and territories. With every new mobile app, every software update, every collaboration and integration and integration, we're working tirelessly to deliver an online event management system that gives you the freedom and flexibility to create meaningful live events without borders or limitations.

Innovative event management software that separates you from the competition

The best event management software on the market provides all the tools and resources you need to efficiently plan, launch, manage and measure the success of your events.


Build the perfect event

Provide a seamless experience for your attendees at every stage of your live event, from online registration to check-in and everything in between.


Nurture a loyal community

Reach and engage new audiences, drive demand, and build long-lasting relationships with your attendees using our enterprise event management software.


Foster attendee engagement with data-driven decision making

Focus your time and budget on what's working with an industry-leading event management tool that measures your success by illuminating valuable performance insights.

Event management software so powerful, it's like having your own virtual events manager

Build the perfect event with industry-leading event management tools and technology that powers all your events in one comprehensive software platform.

Eventbrite’s online event management tools and seamless integrations eliminate all the guesswork, saving you valuable time and money—freeing you up to do what you do best: Host unforgettable live experiences that attendees will be talking about.

  • Boost attendance with more eyeballs, clicks and conversions

    With our advanced event management tool, you will appear at the top of Google search results, thanks to Eventbrite’s industry-leading SEO digital tools and strategic partnership with Google Events.

  • Your future-forward event management and ticketing website

    Sell tickets directly on Facebook and Instagram. Enable more attendees to discover, purchase and access their tickets to your events with next-level event management software.

  • Event planning and registration done right

    A customisable online event management and ticketing website built by our industry experts that makes it easier than ever for your site visitors to purchase tickets online using our two-click, secure checkout on any device.

  • Measure your success with advanced analytics

    Our event management database provides a view into your ticket sales data and actionable intelligence on your customers’ path to purchase. Measuring your success has never been easier with intuitive reporting capabilities illuminating what sales and marketing efforts are delivering results.

Event management software that works with your budget

Get started for free and avoid ticketing fees by passing them to attendees.


The basics you need to start selling tickets in minutes.


The full set of tools you need to create, manage and grow your events.


Tailored partnerships for event pros with large or complex events.

An intuitive event management app that plays well with others

Build the perfect event with a wealth of mobile apps that continue to extend the power of our event management software platform.


Foster attendee engagement with over 100 trusted apps available in the Eventbrite App Marketplace that will help power unforgettable live experiences.


Eventbrite enables seamless integration with popular platforms like Facebook, Mailchimp, YouTube, Spotify, HubSpot and Google Analytics. Your event management solution will be infused with new capabilities to reach new attendees, drive demand and grow your event business.


Our free online event management solution allows you to easily postpone or cancel your event if the need arises or utilise our virtual event software—to transition your event from in-person to online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of software is Eventbrite?

    Eventbrite is the industry’s leading event management software platform that empowers event creators with the tools they need to seamlessly plan, promote and produce live experiences around the world.

What software do event creators use?

    Creators of events of all shapes and sizes utilise event management software to plan, promote, and execute live experiences. This suite of software solutions enables event creators to seamlessly manage all events in one comprehensive platform.

What is the right event management software for my event?

    Determining the best event management solution for your unique event, you should have a clear understanding of the impact of each of your requirements. Critical questions to consider include the following: How reliable is the software? Does it include the customer support you may need? Will it provide a positive registration experience, foster attendee engagement, and provide the reporting functionality to accurately measure success.

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