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ARPICO (Associazione di Ricercatori e Professionisti Italiani nel Canada Occidentale) or “Society of Italian Researchers and Professionals in Western Canada” was founded in 2011.

ARPICO advocates and promotes public awareness of science, innovation and research activities involving, where possible but not exclusively, Italo-Canadian and/or Italian researchers and professionals; and,

ARPICO supports the education and professional development of young researchers and innovators. We are proud to partner with institutions of scholarly activity in providing scholarship and research exchanges between Canada and Italy.

Become a member- you do not have to be of Italian ancestry to join ARPICO.

Membership dues and donations supply the Society with seed money for event programming like public lectures. ARPICO organizes and hosts public lectures, cafes and debates in the community featuring a roster of influential experts from around Canada and abroad.

Successful events attract the attention of the public and help expand our membership base with new members, who also want to spread the science-innovation-research message and support young researchers and innovators with their careers.

Enlisting greater numbers of members not only helps underwrite expanded event programming, but also supplies ARPICO with more talent, more contacts, more energy, all of which increase ARPICO’s ability to find and secure more scholarship funding from governments, foundations and businesses.

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