Beyond Kale

A sprouting network of geographically close Community Gardens in the NW and NE, along the 16th Avenue corridor, Calgary, responding to the need and desires for informal and formal educational and networking opportunities for community gardeners and members of their communities alike!

Our goals are to: increase the knowledge and skills of gardeners to be confident about gardening in our unique Calgary conditions; to build community within their gardens; a means to fund raise for special projects at their gardens; and encourage Community Gardens to be a hub & presence in their communities as they work towards creating sustainable gardens in their community, that are valued, productive, and beautiful.

Currently gardens that are part of Beyond Kale Garden Network are: Capitol Hill Community Garden; Mount Pleasant Community Garden; Calgary Unitarians Community Garden; Crescent Heights Community Garden and Winston Heights/Mountview Community Garden. Other gardens in the area are most welcome to join!

We welcome everyone to attend our informal talks and workshops throughout 2021 and join in the fun and learning to be the best gardeners we can be in Calgary!

Sorry, there are no upcoming events