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Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance

We are

C-SuitelLeaders accelerating the adoption and export of emerging technologies and intellectual property.

Our mandate is growth

To connect market demand with science and technology driven companies, research institutions, talent, & non-profits. The Alliance enhances private and public policy collaboration and amplifies the Canadian Technology brand.

We believe in Canada’s world class innovators, our leadership in science, research and development and the potential for greater commercialisation of Canadian technology.

We envision a greater priority, and more capacity, for the business of science, technology and intellectual property creating a stronger more sustainable Canada.

Advocacy We encourage policy makers to design, measure and report on effective innovation programs. The aim is to close the gap between government innovation inputs and commercial outputs for stronger growth and return of investment for Canadians. #GetBusinessDone

Contact: CATAAlliance CEO, Suzanne Grant at email suzanne.grant @, website: