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Colin Hillstrom

Colin Hillstrom facilitates the acceleration of healing and awakening through alchemy sound, spiritual songs, and consciousness coaching and training. He has written several books, composed a musical, and recorded a CD for meditation and brain performance. Colin plays exclusively Crystal Tones alchemy bowls, which contain 99.9999% pure quartz crystal, blended with precious and semi-precious stones and metals including platinum, 24-karat gold, white gold, pink tourmaline, serpentine, and rose quartz. His set of 16 singing bowls include all 12 notes to affect the entire human energy system including all chakras, primary meridians, nadhis, endocrine glands, organs, brain, neurology, mind, and consciousness.

He resides in the hamlet of Bragg Creek, AB, Canada with his wife Maren Jaxen.

Reach Colin directly via voice or text: 403-708-7408

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