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Creating Connection Canada

Creating Connection is a network of welcoming and inclusive communities committed to sharing authentic conversation, nurturing meaningful activities, promoting holistic wellness practices, and fostering compassionate action.

People of every walk of life, culture, faith and tradition, participate together in multi-faceted ways, expressing the inspirations, aspirations, wisdom, practices, and blessing of all, realizing that dialogue is enriched by individuals with different backgrounds and experiences - and even contrary viewpoints.

By creatively embodying guiding principles that transcend fixed rules and conventions - and how they apply in our lives - people are better able to graciously and intentionally engage with one another in discovering purpose and belonging, thus establishing profound relationships of trust. We are LGBTQ+ affirming.

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**Creating Connection is a grass-roots initiative sponsored by Community of Christ, a welcoming, supportive and loving, worldwide faith community that values the worth and purpose of all persons.