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We stop breaches.

We all understand the devastating impact that a security breach has on a company – financial loss, regulatory fees and penalties, and a loss of customer confidence are typical responses.

At DigitalDefence, we enable our customers to secure the critical data that supports their business by protecting them against security breaches. Our strategic advisory services, protective services, and incident response services allow our customers to focus on their business while we focus on managing their security and privacy risks.

Since 2003, we have provided unparalleled security services Canada-wide and abroad, supporting organizations of all sizes and market verticals.  Our success can be attributed to our consultants, and to their methodological approach to service delivery.

Our consultants are hand-selected professionals from a range of business and IT security backgrounds.  Their diverse business and technical skills drive an internal culture of learning, challenging us to constantly improve to overcome evolving cyber threats.  DigitalDefence’s consultants actively work to build rapport with our customers, becoming trusted advisors by offering impartial advice to support security within the business.

To deliver appropriate, actionable, and complete solutions that meet customers’ security needs, our consultants work within the Information Security Management Model (ISMM) – a comprehensive methodology we use to identify, prioritize and deliver risk and security management to ensure consistent solution delivery.

A significant portion of our ISMM model is dedicated to information leadership.  We share our knowledge and technical skills with our customers during the engagement process, through formal training courses, and by our participation in industry leading forums, such as the Toronto Area Security Klatch and the SecTor security conference.

At DigitalDefence, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business.

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