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Effortless. Marketing is a dynamic Internet marketing company in Calgary, helping businesses since 2009 to achieve a web (or digital) presence that generates qualified leads and brings in quality business.

Viola is the owner and manages the company with the help of a handful of talented and dedicated team members. Effortless Marketing has held many workshops and helped lots of businesses throughout the years; to generating quality leads, grow their customer lists and , help them navigate the world of digital marketing.  


Our Vision

To be the digital marketing company businesses trust and partner with. We want to take your company’s online marketing from frustration and confusion to success and peace of mind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a profitable digital presence for our clients helping businesses spread their message and showcase their services and products to those they are meant to serve.

Our Story

Effortless Marketing (previously VH Marketing) has launched in 2009 quite innocently with an act of helping a friend. Fast forward, years later we are still on the same mission – helping our clients get closer to their business and personal goals by creating and growing their digital presence.