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EV Fest

EV Fest is a creation of many people - first - in the Electric Vehicle Industry, from Enthusiasts, to Technicians, from creating to servicing, to Modifying - EV Fest is about what can each of us do to bring forward Electric Propulsion, Transportation, and Recreation, to have a cleaner planet, more livable present, and survivable future.

As such, Electric Vehicles of all types, New Energy sources and Alternate Energy Sources like Wind, Solar, Micro-Hydro, BioMAss Electricity and Co-Generation are all relevant Technologies of interest to EV Fest Attendees and Exhibitors.

When we think of Electric Transportation, we might forget Personal Mobility Devices, or Mining Trucks, or even Ships, but they all are looking at increasing their reach to blending technologies, Solar & Wind Powered Cargo Ships, Solar  Car Parking to Recharge Electric Vehicles, and even Battery Electric Hybrid Train Engines are all relevant!

Anything that is about reducing dependance on products that contaminate the air, water, or soil, are what EV Fest is really about, so - we hope you like the mix we are putting together, not just to look at, but to participate in, to take action, no matter how little, to help, or assist for those who need it - you are the spirit of EV Fest! Congratulations! This is your show!

You can see our contact points below, but don't forget to check out our Blog from time to time, as well:

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