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Fran Watson

About Fran

I am a silver-haired woman in my 50s, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbour, community volunteer, entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, and for the past six years a passionate coach, teacher, spiritual guide and mentor.

I believe too many people are suffering from low-grade depression and frustration in their lives because they are feeling they are stuck in work lives that are no longer fulfilling. They don’t know what to do.

I help people just like you discover your soul-work and fill up with clarity and confidence so you can step into the life you were born to live …. a whole life … a life of fulfillment and prosperity … a life of balanced physical, mental, spiritual health, peace of mind, meaning, money, creativity, connection, adventure and of course, love.

I spent many years on this very path.

With 18 years in a high-profile career as a publicist in the film and television business, I was the envy of many, leading a somewhat exotic life, meeting interesting and creative people, but by the end, it was killing me.

I pushed hard, trying to keep it all going with a baby (my son was born when I was 43 years old) and no desire to write another press release, ever again.

I began selling clothing through a direct sales company. I enjoyed that immensely, because I loved working with women, but I was so, so, so busy juggling a thousand responsibilities and not keeping up with any of it.

I was exhausted, burnt out, and unclear how to make changes despite knowing a lot about how to make changes ...

On the spiritual path for more than 25 years, I had read every book (we call this shelf help!), taken every workshop, and spent thousands of dollars on therapy, and various programs on deep healing and deep spirituality.

I loved it all – each one had tremendous value and many things shifted over the years, but once again, I was feeling stuck and I didn’t have a lot of time or money to spend on getting unstuck.

Enter the Art of Feminine PresenceTM, and its elegant simplicity, its depth, the realization of my own need to be seen and heard, to express myself, to offer my own gifts in the service of others, to truly make a valuable difference.

I trained to become a Master Teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence and in 2020, I completed two years of intensive metaphysical study to become a Licenced Practitioner with the Centres for Spiritual Living. In 2021, I will become a Certified Coach with Awaken International.

All this living and training has led to teaching and coaching hundreds of women to come back to themselves, to discover their own path, to dream for themselves, to reach beyond their “doing” roles to truly “being”, and then “being on purpose”, finding their Bigger Life -- whatever that is for them.

In all cases, it means Self Connection, leading to Self Care, leading to Clarity, leading to Choices that lead to true fulfillment, including soul work that makes a difference in the world and joyful relationships that add peace to our global community.