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We are a paranormal investigating group committed to making authentic paranormal investigation experiences available to everyone. Our experienced team provide investigative services and guided investigations to our clients and the general public. We offer private and public events such as Paranormal Pub nights, Lock down investigations and paranormal investigation parties.

Bonnie Milner-Administrator, Investigator and Psychic:

Twenty plus years experience as a professional psychic, in the Calgary area. Head and founder of GHA. Investigates the paranormal to prove scientifically what she has seen and sensed as a psychic all her life.

Ryan Rowson-Technical support and investigator:

He has always felt close to ghosts and the paranormal. He has a technical mind and likes to build equipment for investigations. He is the quiet one of the team.

Charlotte (Charlie) Shepherd-Administrator and Investigator:

She brings organization and attention to detail to investigating. She is knowledgable, open mindied yet skeptical in all Investigations.

David Anderson- Investigator:

Has been actively involved in the Paranormal Field for well over 9 years. Brings a relaxed,fun yet professional attitude to any investigation. Determined to help people understand the paranormal and give them answers and peace of mind.

Debi Watson-Investigator:

A Collector of haunted objects with 20 years paranormal experiences. She has done residential, public and commercial investigations. She has traveled to many haunted places including: New Orleans, Myrtles plantation, Winchester House, Angkor Wat and The Killing Fields of Cambodia.

Kerriene England- Investigator:

She has always been paranormally sensitive and has even done some small investigations on her own. Kerriene loves the research and science behind anything abnormal and is determined to find the truth in any situation.

Kelly Sabourin-Investigator:

Has a sixth sense for ghosts since young childhood. Enthusiastic and avid photographer always seeking out the unknown. Has many stories to share from Banff to Hawaii to Germany and more!


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