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Healing With Hannah

Embrace the seasons during your cycles of healing.

Healing with Hannah was born with the simple philosophy to inspire and support those who are ready to become active participants in their own healing journeys and understand that healing is cyclical. Like the seasons, we will all go through our own winter, spring, summer, and fall. Because we are cyclical beings, we aren't always going to be in our summer season of healing. We do our best to honour our own healing journeys and however our own healing activation occurs. Recognizing that healing comes in cycles allows the process to be less lonely and confusing. When we do the inner work, no matter the season, we activate a deep knowing within that we can heal.

Hannah is a Feminine Healer, Spiritual Reader and Green Witch helping individuals connect with their inner-child and soul selves to heal trauma and energy blockages and reactivate magic in their everyday lives.

"I believe holistic modalities are an imperative part of healing, stemming from my own personal experience. I am a chronic disease/pain warrior, and my healing journey is never-ending, just like all of yours. After years of fighting my own body, struggling to survive through my cycles of healing, and ultimately self-sabotaging until I didn't know any other lifestyle; I was finally able to answer the sweet whispers of intuition. It didn't happen overnight but now communicating with my soul-self is as organic as inhaling and exhaling."

Are you ready to invest in your soul self and heal trauma wounds and energy blockages from this life and beyond? I am here to guide and support you through your cycles of healing.

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