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Lupii Cafe

Lupii Cafe is a zero-waste vegan cafe, dedicated to environmental and social sustainability while providing delicious food and beverages. Our strategy extends throughout the company, from our food to our furniture. Our store has been built from the ground up with reused materials. All our furniture (tables, countertops, display boards, you name it!) has been made from upcycled materials (our custom designed counters and tables are a work of art – made from a school gymnasium floor!). Finally, lupii cafe’s zero-waste strategy extends to the problem of food waste. Every day, Canadians waste over 40% of all food. lupii cafe prioritizes sourcing local produce that is perfectly healthy and delicious but may end up in the landfill due to industry requirements regarding size/shape or arbitrary sell-by dates.

In addition to our zero-waste mandate, Lupii Cafe is also devoted to cultivating and promoting a sense of community. We do this by providing healthy food for the community, hosting community events, supporting neighbours, encouraging interaction and communication in the surrounding area. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events!

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